Reptiliomorphs (order Reptiliomorpha) are amphibians and primitive reptiles that gave rise to true reptiles. The term "reptiliomorph" is fairly loose; it contains many families of species that were until recently believed to be unrelated. The largest subgroup of reptiliomorphs is the Anthracosaurs, which contains all but one of the families in Reptiliomorpha.


800px-Eryops megacephalus head side

Eryops, a possible example of a reptiliomorph.

Order ReptiliomorphaEdit

Suborder EmbolomeriEdit

Genus Eoherpeton

Family AnthracosauridaeEdit
Family ArcheriidaeEdit
Family EogyrinidaeEdit
Family ProterogyrinidaeEdit

Suborder SeymouriamorphaEdit

Family DiscosauriscidaeEdit
Family SemouriidaeEdit

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