Prehistoric organisms are well-known, mostly due to their being larger than their modern counterparts. However, there were also many smaller prehistoric creatures. This article will discuss the largest and smallest of each prehistoric animal groups.


Heaviest prehistoric mammalsEdit

Mammuthus imperator

Life restoration of Mammuthus imperator', the third-largest species of Mammuthus

  1. Basilosaurus (38.6-60.2 tons)
  2. Basiloterus (30-?40 tons)
  3. Indricotherium (12-15 tons)
  4. Deinotherium (10-14 tons)
  5. Mammuthus (Up to 14 tons)

Longest prehistoric mammalsEdit

  1. Basilosaurus, 18-21 m (59-70 feet) long
  2. Basiloterus, ~15 m (49 feet) long
  3. Deinotherium 10.3-12.5 m long
  4. Indricotherium ~11 m (36 feet) long

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